Namco All Stars Pac-Man



Original version of Pac-Man ready for your PC


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How many hours have you spent controlling that hungry yellow ball eating all white spots in the blue labyrinth and avoiding those four ghosts who tried to kill you? Pac-Man is ready to go back to your PC.

Namco is the company that brought us this amazing videogame that hooked people from all around the world in the 80s. Now they have decided to offer the original version of the game for the modern gamers in their modern PCs. They have improved the menu, but the game is still the same, even the sounds. That's amazing, because we can check that the originality of a game from the 80s is still alive and can give us hours of fun.

You will not find amazing new features, it is Pac-Man in pure status. Go back 30 years and enjoy the game you used to enjoy when you were a child.

Namco All Stars Pac-Man arrives in your PC to let you apart from the real world for some hours. Avoid the ghosts Pinky, Inky Blinky and Clyde while you eat up all the white spots. If you happen to eat one of the bigger spots, the ghosts will get blue, that's the moment to chase them and win extra points.

Finally, while you play, you can view updated statistics of your games: points, distance, eaten ghosts and the name of the ghost that has killed you more times.
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